Watch Out for Rain on Top of Snow This Winter

It’s common knowledge that snow is not great for your roof. This is a tough fact of life here in Colorado Springs, where we get an average of 57 inches of snow per year in comparison to the national average of 28. However, what you really need to watch out for this winter is rain on top of snow.

While wear and tear from the elements will inevitably affect your roof over time, storms and other extreme weather events are obviously in a different category. Snow followed by rain and extremely wet snowfalls are particularly bad for your roof, because you end up with pounds precipitation just sitting on top of your house. The weight of all this water can in turn lead to extreme damage.

Consider that 12 inches of snow can weigh 10 to 20 pounds per square foot. However, rainwater weighs roughly 5 pounds per inch, so you could end up exponentially increasing the amount of weight on top of your roof after a single rainfall, assuming it combines with any remaining snow. This should cause even more concern for homeowners who live in older houses, where the roofing may already be somewhat insecure.  

So what can you do about this problem? For one thing, you should try to clear wet snow off your roof as soon as possible. While walking on your roof is unsafe for both you and your property—especially if there is snow up there—using a ladder with a spotter underneath can be a good way to get snow off without getting on the roof itself. Consider using a shovel to shake some of that snow loose, or even a long rake, if you do not wish to get on a ladder. If your roof is too high to reach, you should hire a professional with the proper equipment to clear it off.

Beyond that, the best solution is to hire our skilled Colorado Springs roofers at Divine Roofing, Inc. for a roof inspection. If possible, try to get this done before the next snowfall, and that way you can budget any necessary replacements you may need ahead of time. Fortunately, our roofing experts also provide emergency repair servicers, so your family always has a safe and secure roof over their heads.

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