Why It's Important to Get a Roof Inspection Before Winter

Responsible homeowners already know the importance of having an annual or semi-annual roofing inspection performed. To that end, one of the questions we frequently get asked is, “What is the best time of year to schedule a roofing inspection?” The answer: pretty much right now.

There are several reasons why it’s important to get a roof inspection before winter if possible, but let’s start with the obvious. Winter is, at least conventionally, the hardest time of the year on your roof. It’s a good idea to have your roof looked at before it faces heavy rains, snowfall, and ice (not to mention potential ice dams.) In Colorado Springs, we get an average of 57 inches of snow per year. That’s a whopping 29 more inches than the national average. So given what winter is like in this state in particular, and the fact that it’s so much harder to perform an inspection once the colder weather has set in, it’s better to get an inspection done in the fall.

However, there is another key reason to consider getting a roof inspection in autumn. The high amount of heat and UV radiation that your house is exposed to during the summer is also extremely hard on your roof. Consider the way plastic items start to melt after being exposed to too much heat. While the materials used in the average roof are of course built to withstand extreme weather, the disparate temperature changes during the summer, between the scorching heat during the day to the chilliness that sets in at night, can cause tiles to crack, panels to fall apart, and shingles to curl. While you may not initially notice if your roof undergoes any warping during the summer, years of this kind of stress can result in damage that will become evident before you know it.

To prevent any wear and tear your home experiences in the summer from manifesting in leaks or other severe issues in the winter, it’s best to sandwich your yearly roofing inspection in-between. Given that the seasons will soon change, you should call for a roof inspection whole it’s still early November. Our skilled Colorado Springs roofers offer free estimates, as well as financing options and special payment plans, in case you do need service performed. For roofers that have been trusted with over 5,000 jobs, contact Divine Roofing, Inc. to schedule your next roofing inspection today.

Winter is coming! Call Divine Roofing, Inc. for a roofing inspection now at (719) 497-1005, or click here to request your free estimate online.

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