The Top 3 Ways to Spot a Roofer Scam

As all homeowners know, roofing work is an essential part of home maintenance. Yet how do you know if you’re really getting quality service? It can be difficult for non-professionals to tell the difference between a reputable service provider, and a shady company that’s only going to rip you off. Keep reading to learn the top 3 ways to spot a roofer scam here, courtesy of our skilled Colorado Springs roofers at Divine Roofing, Inc.

The Top 3 Ways to Spot a Roofing Scam Are:

  1. Your Roofer Is Suggesting Unnecessary Inspections or Work: While every responsible homeowner should have a roofing inspection done annually or semi-annually, it’s important to be wary of roofers who perform an inspection and then find ten things wrong out of the blue. It’s one thing if your roof is old or falling apart. However, if you have not observed any leaking or storm damage to your roof, and out of nowhere your roofer tells you the whole thing needs to be replaced, it’s probably worth considering a second opinion.
  2. Your Roofer Is Charging a Low Price for Extensive Repairs: It’s natural to want to save as much as you can on roofing work. However, when a roofer claims your home requires complete re-roofing, and offers to charge you nothing more than a nominal fee, chances are good something fishy is afoot. While providing a low price for shingles is one thing, you should never trust a roofer that cuts prices on full-on replacement, as this is a good sign they are only equipped to address aesthetic issues, rather than the real structural problems your property may be facing.
  3. Your Roofer Is Charging Way Too Much for Minimal Services: The flipside of the last point is that while suspiciously low prices for a lot of work is untrustworthy, a roofer that charges high prices for a minimal amount of work is just as suspect. This kind of practice indicates your roofer will likely keep adding on more and more after your initial estimate, upselling you on inspections, repairs, and materials. Avoid such behavior at all costs, and remember, if you are unsatisfied with what a roofer is charging, you have the right to go somewhere else

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