Is It Okay to Nail Christmas Lights to My Roof?

Christmas is almost here, and like countless families across the country, you’re probably getting ready to put up the lights on your roof—that is if you haven’t already! However, before you head up on top of your house like old St. Nick himself, you may be wondering, “is it okay to nail Christmas lights to my roof?” If you were planning on doing this, hopefully we caught you in time, because the truth is this is an extremely bad idea.

Why It Isn’t a Good Idea to Nail Lights to Your Roof

While you may have seen other people use nails, screws, or staples to put lights on their roof, or even grown up watching your father do this, it’s definitely not a practice you want to emulate. First and foremost, the damage created by nails can be significant, and may rip up your singles or crack your tiles. In some cases, the holes left from nails can even lead to roof leakssomething you definitely don’t want to have to deal with this holiday season, or year-round, for that matter. On top of all this, there’s also the possibility that you will crack one of the light bulbs during this process, creating a short that may spark, or even cause a fire.

How Can I Hang Christmas Lights Without Damaging My Roof?

Thankfully, we are living in the age of roof clips, making it easier to attach lights to your roof than ever. Plastic Christmas light clips can usually be attached to your singles or gutters, though they also make special clay tile roof clips, eave clips, and even clips for ridge roofing. You should put these clips on while standing on a ladder, with a spotter holding it underneath, as walking on your roof can also lead to significant damage.

Remember, a quick trip to the store to buy some clips is better than having to pay for roofing replacement this holiday season, so make sure you follow our advice before you reach for those lights. In the meantime, our skilled Colorado Springs Roofers at Divine Roofing, Inc. wish you happy decorating, and a Merry Christmas!

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