How Will a Skylight Affect Your Roof?


Do you have stars in your eyes for seeing stars in your home? It might be time to install a skylight. But before you go investing the time and money in a skylight, you should know exactly how this addition will affect your roof.

What Are the Benefits of a Skylight?

Beyond stargazing, there are plenty of benefits to installing a skylight—namely, benefits to your bottom line. Skylights can increase the amount of natural heat and light in your home, cutting down on your utility bills and boosting your mood and productivity. Additionally, a new skylight can add aesthetic value to your roof, potentially increasing the value of your home.

Tips for Your Skylight Installation

While the benefits of skylights are clear, you are still purposely cutting a hole in your roof, so it will naturally affect the structure. To offset these effects, we’re sharing some items to consider before you get to stargazing.

  • First thing’s first—this is not a feasible DIY project: Cutting a hole in your roof without extensive knowledge of its many components can spell disaster, so make sure you hire a roofer you trust.
  • Location, location, location: While a skylight could go anywhere, you should consider a few things before you position your skylight. Nature is probably the most important factor. Think about where your home gets the most sun so you can get the most light for your money. Make sure the intended area is free of trees (the last thing you want is a new and broken skylight.) Additionally, see where your skylight will have the least amount of impact on the structural integrity of your roof—the more workarounds needed to protect the roof’s integrity, the bigger your budget will be.
  • Style reflects function: There are many types of skylights to choose from, so to begin narrowing your search, think about how large you want your skylight to be, whether you want your skylight slanted or flat, and if you want your skylight contained in a box structure. Make sure to share your style choices with your installer—chances are they will have feedback on what works best for your roof.
  • Materials matter: For what is essentially a window, there are a lot of materials to consider when shopping for skylights. Think first about the panel options—do you want laminated glass or acrylic? Once you choose that, do you want your panel glazed? If so, in what style? All of these questions don’t just affect the look of your skylight, but how it functions year-round.

What’s the Downside?

Any time you add additional edges to your roof, you are increasing the likelihood of potential leaks. This is especially true if you do not go with a reputable installer. To mitigate this issue, make sure you add new flashing and sealant to your skylight and check it regularly. Another potential downside is not factoring the cleaning of your skylight into your assessment. Along with regular sealant checks, someone will have to hand-clean your skylight at least semi-consistently for you to reap the maximum benefits.

When thinking about any new addition to your roof, you want to consult an expert. Divine Roofing, Inc. has built a reputation over the last 30 years as being the best of the best. If you have any roofing repair, maintenance, or installation questions, give us a call at (719) 497-1005 to schedule a free estimate and inspection.

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