How to Winterize Your Roof

Colorado Springs is no stranger to harsh winter elements. Rain, snow, and ice are all common in our winters, so it is necessary for homeowners to take some extra steps in order to prepare their roof for these months and minimize the chances of a major problem during severe weather. This maintenance process is known as winterization, and is an important part of owning a home in Colorado Springs.

Steps to Winterize Your Roof

If you are new to the area, have just purchased a home, or are just generally unsure of how to properly prepare you roof for winter, here is a general checklist of steps for winterizing your roof.

  • Get on the roof. Getting a look from the yard does not offer the detail you will probably need in order to detect any problems, such as smaller cracks or shingle damage.
  • Look for cracked, broken, or missing shingles. Damaged shingles are where leaks frequently form when water from rain or melting snow/ice runs over them, and leaks lead to even more expensive repairs.
  • Check the flashing. Flashing is the metal areas on your roof, generally around vents. If you find any tears, warping, holes, or significant rusting, fix them or have them repaired by a professional Colorado Springs roofer.
  • Trim any trees that could touch your roof. Branches weighed down by snow or ice could break off and a lot of roof damage is caused every year by these falling branches.
  • Clean off debris. If you have dead leaves, dirt, branches, or other debris, it could be the site where mildew forms as the organic material rots in the stagnant moisture of snow during winter.
  • Clean out your rain gutters. Clogged gutters cause water to back up onto the roof and freeze, creating ice dams, which can cause extensive damage to your roof.
  • Look for pest damage. Squirrels, raccoons, mice, and other critters have been known to damage shingles or flashing on occasion. Look for any small openings that one may use to get into your home seeking shelter during the winter. Wasps, termites, and other pests may also have invaded your home, at which point you will likely want to call an exterminator.
  • Inspect your chimney. Make sure it’s unobstructed and free of debris that can cause a chimney fire, which can be extremely damaging to your roof.

If you need help winterizing your roof, call Divine Roofing, Inc. Our award-winning team has been named the “Best of Colorado Springs” for each of the last four years, standing as a testament to our long list of satisfied clients and market ingenuity. Our team of highly-trained roofers can check your roof, spot and make any repairs, and give you the winter preparation your home needs to withstand the elements.

Schedule an appointment or get an estimate by calling Divine Roofing, Inc. today at (719) 497-1005.
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