Repairing Your Roof in Winter

roof in winter

Winter in Colorado usually means a lot of wet weather: snow, sleet, and rain can all freeze and turn into ice, which can create roof leaks. Roof leaks in winter can potentially be a serious problem, as inclement weather can make a repair very difficult. However, sometimes a repair is necessary, and getting to a leak quickly, regardless of the weather, can help prevent it from becoming an even bigger issue.

Ice Dams

One of the biggest causes of winter roof leaks are dreaded ice dams. These buildups of ice, usually on the edge of your roof, occur when ice that melts higher up on your roof where it’s warmer then re-freezes down along the edge. This creates buildups of ice, which trap melting snow and other water on your roof, allowing it to seep into cracks and damage your roof, home structure, and more.

Depending on the extent of the damage, your roofer may opt to do a quick repair over this area, particularly if more inclement weather is due to come in. They will likely also help you to seal air leaks between your roof and attic. This allows less warm air to escape or warm the snow on your roof, preventing melting, and making it harder for ice dams to form.

Unpredictable Weather

Sometimes the winter weather can be unpredictable, and you may find a major issue with your roof while in the middle of bad weather. What can you do in this situation to help slow the damage in order to get a repair? One of the easiest ways is to find the location of a leak, clear the snow off that spot, and then cover it with a tarp. This is only a temporary fix, but should help reduce the amount of water flowing over that area. Be sure to carefully de-ice your roof and clear any snow from the areas you may need to walk on before heading onto your roof during winter.

Call for a Repair

When you discover a serious problem with your roof, including rotted wood or significant leaks, you may need an emergency repair. Fortunately, this is generally a slower season for roofing companies so you will likely be able to schedule your project quickly.

At Divine Roofing, Inc., we may be able to help you repair your roof this winter if you discover any leaks. We are proudly listed as a GAF Master Elite™ Factory Certified roofing contractor, demonstrating our expertise in our craft as well as our unparalleled client service. We have completed hundreds of jobs since we first opened our doors in 2012, and utilize this experience in every repair we make.

Need an emergency repair? Call Divine Roofing, Inc. today at (719) 497-1005!
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