Helpful Hints for Choosing the Right Shingle Color for Your Home

Replacing the shingles on your roof is not really something you want to be doing often. When it comes time to get them swapped out, make certain you are going to be happy with the end result, from the choice of material to the color you selected. Divine Roofing, Inc. and our Colorado Springs roofing experts can help you figure out all the details and plan your project, but you can actually get started right now by reviewing these easy-to-remember hints about how to choose the right color shingle for your home.

  1. Look at the architecture: Probably the number one thing homeowners overlook when choosing the color of the shingles for their roof is the architectural design of the house. It is a little difficult to explain in text but our minds tend to like or dislike the color of something based subtly on the shape and design of it. Take a look at your home now and there will probably be a few shingle colors that jump to mind that you know you don’t want.
  2. Face value: What color is going to increase your home’s curb appeal and price tag if you ever decide to sell in the future? Something that looks great and catches eyes on the way down the road will probably sell for more than a home that doesn’t, so choosing the right shingle color can actually be an investment.
  3. Neighborhood rules: If you belong to a homeowner’s association (HOA) – just about every homeowner these days does – there are going to be rules about what color shingles you can have on your home. Before you install black shingles that you thought were excellent, double-check your HOA rules to make certain you can only go as dark as slate gray.
  4. Grab a color wheel: Taking a page out of the artist’s handbook, use a color wheel to compare the color of the outer walls of your house to the colors you are thinking will be nice for the shingles. Whatever doesn’t look good on the small scale will not look any better when it’s bigger.
  5. Talk to a professional: Of course, you can always seek a professional’s counsel when it comes to the colors of your shingles. Roofers, like those you’ll find at Divine Roofing, Inc., spend countless hours working on homes and can tell you what looks good, elegant, inviting, or just plain bad based on their experience.

Want to know more about your roofing options, including the choice of shingles? Feel free to contact our award-winning roofers in Colorado Springs to talk about project ideas and job estimates.

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