Is Warm Weather Hurting My Flat Roof?

Warm weather: in Colorado, sometimes we don’t get enough of it. Yet thanks to climate change, we now experience a warmer climate year-round. Although this is bad for the environment, you would assume it would be good for your roof, right? After all, as plenty of residents of this state will be happy to tell you, it’s snowy weather and rain which are really bad for your roof. Yet this is not always the case. Especially if you have a flat roof, warm weather can actually cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your property.

The 3 Ways Warm Weather Is Hurting Your Flat Roof Are:

  1. Mold Growth: Although mold thrives in moist, dark environments, the increased amount of sunlight in the summer, along with the higher temperatures, can actually cause mold and fungus to grow faster. An increased rate of growth can lead to damaged flashing, so as the warm weather persists, it’s important to check your roof or hire a professional to ensure you’re not dealing with a mold or fungus problem.
  2. Thermal Cycling: Technically, this issue is not solely related to warmer temperatures, but the way warmer times of the year often bring greater swings in climate. Because the temperature may vary greatly from hot to cold between the day and night during the summertime, your flat roof may expand and contract. This can cause water to seep through cracks in your roof, forcing you to insulate it with PVC material.
  3. Blistering: Blistering occurs when it rains or water enters your roof another way, and warm weather causes the trapped moisture to bubble or “blister” up through your felt roofing. If you locate these blisters quickly, you should be able to repair any damage. However, the more blisters that develop, the greater chance there is you will have to replace your entire roof.

Luckily, no matter what type of damage your roof may face, our experienced Colorado Springs roofers at Divine Roofing, Inc. have got you covered. We provide free roof inspections, so we can catch small issues before they become major problems. If your roof is damaged beyond repair, we provide whole-home roof replacement, capable of saving your property and protecting your family. And in case your business needs work done too, we also offer commercial roofing, so your doors can stay open and you never have to worry about the structural integrity of your building. Your home or business is your greatest investment, so protect it—with Divine Roofing, Inc.

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