5 Reasons to Schedule Regular Gutter Maintenance

Gutters: these important roofing components protect your property from dangerous water damage, yet we rarely think about them unless we know there’s something wrong. What many homeowners don’t consider is that they would have to repair and replace their gutters less if they would schedule maintenance just a few times a year. Keep reading for our top 5 reasons to schedule regular gutter maintenance, and make sure to contact our skilled Colorado Springs roofers at Divine Roofing, Inc. for repairs, replacements, and more.

The Top 5 Reasons to Schedule Regular Gutter Maintenance:

  1. Maintenance keeps older gutters from falling apart: If your home is older, chances are your gutters are segmented and connected to your roof fascia at the seam with screws. The older these gutters get, the greater chance there is that water will seep in through the seams, causing mold growth. Gutter maintenance can catch hazardous mold growth before it becomes a major issue, as well as help you determine when it may be time to replace your gutters altogether.
  2. Maintenance prevents clogging during the warmer seasons: In the springtime, pollen and seeds often fall from the trees into your gutter. By scheduling annual maintenance, you can make sure your gutters aren’t clogged with these contaminants during the summer. This will also help reduce the chance of outdoor allergens making their way indoors, where they can cause irritation.
  3. Maintenance prevents clogging during the colder seasons: The flipside to the last point is the clogging that occurs during the warmer season. Chiefly, of course, we’re talking about leaves, which can jam up your gutters in the fall, forcing you to deal with a frozen or wet mess in the winter and spring. And speaking of winter and spring…
  4. Maintenance helps your gutters recover after extreme weather: While roofing inspections in general are a good idea after any kind of harsh weather, they may be the thing that saves you from having to replace your gutters completely. Snow, hail, rain, and other storm events can lead to branches and other debris ending up in your gutters, which may then attract pests, blocking your water flow. However, more than anything, it’s a good idea just to see if your gutters are still in good condition following any kind of major storm.
  5. Maintenance prevents excess water flow: During times of the year when it is extra rainy, your gutters may have a hard time handling the extra water flow. This additional flow of water can cause heavy damage to your property, with runoff damaging your siding, deck, patio, or even your home’s foundation. Gutter maintenance can clear obstructions so this excess water can flow freely, and help you determine whether you need to upgrade to newer, stronger gutters.

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