Top 3 Roofing Tips for Fall

Fall is here, and with the change in seasons comes additional concerns for your roof. The colder temperature affects your home differently than the weather in summer does, and with the falling leaves and eventually the arrival of snow, there many things that can damage your roofing components. Learn the top 3 roofing tips for fall here, from our experienced Colorado Springs roofers at Divine Roofing, Inc.

The top 3 things you should do for your roof this fall are:

  1. Trim the trees: Obviously, one of the most notable parts of the fall season is the change in colors. As leaves turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow, they fall from the trees and add a beautiful touch to our landscape for much of autumn. However, all those leaves can also create big problems for your roof. While you obviously don’t want to get rid of any distinct or beautiful touches to your property, trimming your trees a reasonable amount will help you combat major roofing problems. Speaking of which…
  2. Clean out the gutters and scrape off debris from your roof: Although your gutters tend to accumulate less debris over summer, you should always clean them out before the start of fall, when it’s virtually an inevitability that some leaves will end up in them. If you fail to do this and it snows, all the dirt and debris that have built up over the past few months can create nasty clogs come winter. You can also avoid blockages by cleaning dirt off your drains and the rest of your roof. In general, the more you can scrub things off now, before it gets too cold, the better.
  3. Call for a roofing inspection: The final piece of fall roof maintenance is having a professional check your roof to ensure there are no major problems with it. Fortunately, our skilled Colorado Springs roofers provide comprehensive inspections, designed to identify any current issues and prevent problems from occurring in the future. We’ll make sure everything from your shingles to your skylights to your seams are in great shape, looking for tiny cracks that you might not otherwise spot. After 30 years in the business, you can always trust Divine Roofing, Inc. to fairly determine whether your roof needs patching or any other repairs.

Call to schedule a quality roof inspection today at (719) 497-1005, or request an appointment online.

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