What Fall Has in Store for Your Roof

Fall Roofing Tips

The seasons are changing. Soon, Americans will be moving on from baseball and gearing up for football. Instead of weekend barbecues and pool parties, it’s now time for apple-picking and pumpkin patches. Get ready to put away the mower and start raking up leaves. And of course, the shorts will go back in the drawer and the jackets will come out of the closet.

As the weather changes, so will the needs of your roof. Summer does present a range of roofing challenges to consider, such as the way the sun’s rays can cause your asphalt to crack and your shingles to fade. And of course, summer also represents the peak of Colorado’s hail season, which can present a myriad of problems for your roof. But the cooler weather presents its own unique set of challenges for roofing systems, which is why now is the time to prepare for the coming season. Keep reading to find out what fall has in store for your roof, courtesy of our experts at Divine Roofing, Inc.

5 Roofing Problems to Watch Out for This Fall

  1. Clogged Gutters: Fall and leaves go hand in hand. And pretty much nothing affects your shingles more than leaves. While falling leaves may add a lot of beautiful color to the autumn season, they can severely clog your gutters, thereby causing a ton of problems for your roof and larger home. It is best to inspect your gutters early on in the season for this reason, to make sure there are no existing obstructions, and also check them periodically if you observe leaves piling up. It’s also not a bad idea to call for a professional roof inspection, to see if your gutters or any other part of your roofing system is damaged and leaking at all. And speaking of leaks…
  2. Heavy Rain: While Colorado storm season is typically thought of as May through August, the cold weather may bring increased precipitation with it that can affect your roof through the fall. That’s why if your roof is dealing with damaged flashing, cracked shingles, or lack of proper sealing, you may want to see if you need leak repairs now. Keep in mind, as problems build up throughout the summer, fall is the time your roofing system may experience the most damage, especially if a bad storm hits. This brings us to—
  3. Fallen Trees: If you have a lot of trees on your property with branches directly overhanging your roof, we suggest you contact a tree trimmer now. In a scenario in which heavy rain has loosened the ground, and lightning strikes a nearby tree, branches or even the whole tree can come down on your roof, potentially forcing you to pay for emergency repairs. Remember, nothing is more important than your safety and the safety of your family, and while having beautiful trees on your property is great, it is not worth it if they stand a threat to your roof and larger home.
  4. Hail: As we mentioned before, Colorado’s hail season typically peaks in the summer, usually around June. However, hail season here in Colorado Springs often lasts through October, so it is key to pay attention throughout the fall season. Fortunately, our certified roofing pros offer storm damage repairs, including hail damage repairs, to help your roofing system recover from broken tiles, pitted shingles, dents in gutters, and more. So no matter what the season is, when it comes to hail, Divine Roofing, Inc. has you covered.
  5. Ice: It’s never too early to start thinking about ice. And while it may be a little early to start thinking about heavy winter storms, the first snowfalls in Colorado in recent years have been reported as early as October or even early September. And given all the dangers ice poses to your roof – from leaks that can cause water damage to dams that threaten your family’s safety – you may want to consider options to help protect your roofing system early on, so you don’t need sudden roof replacement later.

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