Common Types of Sun Damage on Your Roof

shingled roof

How Does the Sun Damage My Roof?

Extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, heavy rain, and hail are some of the main causes of sudden roof damage. However, there’s another threat to your roof that can decay it slowly subtly over time — the sun. Learn how sunlight can potentially damage your roof, and what you can do to stay on top of the problem to protect your home’s exterior.

1. Warping and Cracking

When UV rays from the sun beat down on your roof, it can cause it to warp. When summer temperatures in Colorado climb up to 80-90 °F, your roof tiles will begin to expand — while in the winter or milder days, your tiles will do the opposite and contract. The constant heating and cooling of your tiles can cause them to loosen, eventually causing your tiles to fall out of place. Not only is this unsightly, but it can cause problems such as leaks to and threaten the strength of your exterior.

2. Sun Bleaching

The easiest way to think of sun bleaching is to think of driftwood: being exposed to direct sunlight every day causes the wood’s original color to bleach, and eventually fade. The same thing can happen to your roof, especially if your roof has darker colored shingles such as grey, black, or navy.

3. Decaying

Prolonged exposure to the sun will also cause your roof’s shingles to decay over time. When shingles appear to be rotten, missing pieces or deformed in any way, these are common signs of decay. At this point, it is important to get your roof repaired by a professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

How Do I Fix Sun Damage on My Roof?

To stay on top of any sun damage to your roof, you should have your roof checked and maintained regularly. Keeping your roof in good shape is essential so that your family is protected from the elements. Request a free inspection and estimate today by calling our Colorado Springs office at (719) 497-1005.

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