Three More Top Causes of Roof Leaks

Our last blog examined three common causes for roof leaks. However, there are many different common causes besides those. This time, we take a look at three more reasons why your roof may be allowing moisture into your home to help you determine what repairs may be needed.

Ice Dams

Snow is a natural enemy of roofs, and Colorado is certainly no stranger to white, fluffy powder.

An ice dam is created by the heat inside a home rising and melting the snow on a roof, only to then have it re-freeze down at the edge of a roof and prevent snow from draining off. The added weight of the ice combined with stagnant snow and water can cause immense damage to your roof, leading to leaks, but also even bigger damage such as roof collapses in extreme cases. If you find your roof is constantly dealing with snow buildup, be sure to invest in a roof rake before the first snowfall of the season.

Clogged Gutters

If you notice that a pile of leaves and dirt are visible in the rain gutters running along your roof, it’s likely that water cannot flow freely through them. This is a big warning sign that your roof could face serious damage the next time it rains. Stagnant water that cannot move away from your roof can create cracks it can then seep through. Before the rainy season begins, be sure to inspect your gutters and remove any major blockages to allow water to leave your roof freely.

Cracked Chimney or Vent Booting

Some homes are equipped with moisture vents and many have a chimney – both of which must be properly sealed. The booting around moisture vents can decay and become brittle over time, causing it to crack and allow moisture in. It is strongly advised you have a professional perform this repair in order to ensure a tight, long-lasting seal.

For chimneys, mortar is essentially a mixture of sand, cement, and water; it easily erodes in wet weather. Sometimes a repair can be as simple as placing new mortar around leaky areas, but only a trained professional can ensure the leak is properly taken care of, as they can be very difficult to spot without experience.

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