Five Bad Things to Do to Your Roof

Your roof is arguably the most important feature of your home when it comes to protection from the elements. Because it is so vital, it has to be well-engineered and properly maintained in order to withstand the harshness of the elements year after year. In order to help your roof last, you should never do the following things, as they could seriously damage or wear out your roof.

#1 Try to Perform Major Repairs Yourself

Simple repairs, such as replacing flashing, can be done on your own if you are relatively handy, but you should never attempt to make a major roof repair yourself. Often times, those who attempt to make these repairs themselves actually make things worse, requiring an even bigger and more expensive repair when they finally do call a professional.

#2 Ignore Your Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters need to be cleared of debris at least once a year in order to ensure water from melting snow and ice can actually leave your roof at all. Dirty rain gutters can cause an ice dam to form, which blocks water from rolling off your roof, creating costly major damage. Likewise, clogged gutters can cause rain buildup, ripping them off your house completely. If you have a high roof, have a professional clean the gutters out for you to avoid the possibility of falling from height.

#3 Ignore Your Maintenance

Even the most well-constructed roof will require a checkup and minor repair every now and then. Materials wear out when exposed to the elements, prompting repair or replacement. However, fixing small problems quickly can avoid a big issue and a major repair. Have your roof inspected at the end of every summer before the wet season begins to pick out any small issues and be sure you are in the best possible shape for winter.

#4 Ignore your Vents and Insulation

When moisture and heat are building up in your home, particularly during winter, ventilation is key to your roof’s longevity. Moisture buildup causes mold, mildew, and structural-weakening wood rot. Be sure to install proper ventilation to negate these factors as much as possible.

#5 Hire an Unqualified Repairman

Research your Colorado Springs roofing company carefully, as an unqualified or unskilled roofer may appear to fix the problem for now, only to have it completely fall apart at the first sign of even a light rain. A GAF® MasterElite™ technician is highly-trained in the latest materials and techniques to ensure the job is done right and will last for many years after.

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