Hail Damage

Hail Hitting a Roof

Colorado receives more than its fair share of hailstorms, especially during the months of April to September with the most destructive storms occurring in June and July. During this period, it is not uncommon to see reports of golf-ball-sized hailstones. These storms can be dangerous and cause significant property damage every year. Even smaller hailstones can dent cars, break windows, and cause injury. In particular, your roof is highly susceptible to hail damage.

Hail is a type of precipitation that is formed inside thunderstorm updrafts. When raindrops are carried upwards by the updraft, they freeze, creating hailstones. Hailstones increase in size as liquid water freezes on the surface of the hailstone. As hailstones grow, they become heavier, and when the updraft can no longer support them, they fall, often damaging what they hit along the way.

Signs of Hail Damage

Hailstorms are responsible for thousands of dollars of damage every year. Not only do hailstones of all sizes chip away at the integrity of your roof, but the high winds that often accompany hailstorms are also responsible for considerable damage. After a hailstorm, you should be on the lookout for signs of damage so you can fix problems before they get worse.

Signs of hail damage include:

  • Roof punctures
  • Broken, split, or cracked shingles
  • Pitting of asphalt shingles
  • Loss of granules on asphalt shingles
  • Dents and divots in gutters and flashing
  • Torn gutters and flashing
  • Damaged vents
  • Broken and cracked skylights
  • Leaks and water damage

After a hailstorm, you should visually inspect your property and look for these signs. If you notice any repair issues, reach out to our roofers right away.

How to Deal with Hail Damage

The amount of damage to your roof will determine how you approach repairs. In some cases, only small repairs will be necessary, such as replacing broken shingles and fixing damaged flashing. In more serious cases, you may require a full roof replacement. Working with an experienced local roofer, like ours at Divine Roofing, Inc., is important. After a hailstorm, we will inspect your roof thoroughly, identify all points of damage, and provide you with a detailed repair plan.

Will My Insurance Cover Repairs?

In some cases, your homeowner's insurance may cover the cost of the damage. However, before filing your claim, you need to take a full inventory of all the damage and document it thoroughly. Take pictures and write out descriptions. It may seem like overkill, but insurance companies are notorious for not wanting to pay out, and the more documentation you have, the more likely your claim will be covered.

You should also schedule a roofing inspection with one of our roofing experts. With our long history in the Colorado Springs area, we can help ensure that you have all damage documented and ready to go when filing your claim. Our professional roofers will also provide a free estimate of the repairs.

Selecting a Roofer to Repair Hail Damage

Not all roofing companies are created equal. When dealing with hail damage, you must work with a reputable, local roofing company. All too often, customers fall victim to predatory roofers who offer "limited-time deals," perform shoddy work, and then disappear. Unfortunately, many of these deals are too good to be true, and it is not uncommon for disreputable companies to fake damage or trick customers into paying for services they do not need.

When selecting a roofer to repair your hail damage, you should:

  • Review their licensing and insurance
  • Check their references
  • Look for legitimate customer reviews
  • See where they are located

Divine Roofing, Inc. is not interested in storm chasing. Instead, we focus on developing long-term, year-round relationships with our customers. Because we are a long-standing, local roofing company, we can respond to your needs quickly. We provide honest, reliable guidance and never pressure our customers to sign up for services they do not want or need. We can repair all types of hail damage, from a few cracked shingles to more extensive damage. Divine Roofing, Inc. is here for you today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Contact our experienced roofers at (719) 497-1005 to discuss your repair needs today.