How to Choose the Right Roofing Company, Part 2

What to Look for in a Roofing Company

You have a choice when it comes to selecting a roofing company. However, with so many options out there, how do you know who to choose? Whether this is the first time you are reaching out to a roofer, or you have worked with roofers before, knowing what to look for is an important first step when vetting roofing companies. At Divine Roofing, Inc., we strive to provide our customers with the information they need to choose a roofer with confidence.

When searching for a roofer to perform repairs or installation services, follow this checklist:

  • They are local, and you can find legitimate reviews of their business
  • They are licensed and insured
  • They willingly provide references & examples of their work
  • They are upfront about their pricing
  • Their pricing is competitive and straightforward

The Importance of Choosing Local

It is particularly important that you work with a local, licensed roofing company when dealing with hail damage. It is imperative that you work with a roofer who understands how to repair hail damage effectively and is also locally based. Hail damage is the most common type of damage we see in Colorado Springs. You need to work with someone who understands what you are dealing with and not a storm chaser who is just looking to make a quick buck.

At Divine Roofing, Inc., we live and work in the Colorado Springs area, and our roofers are experts in repairing hail and storm damage. We provide every customer with honest guidance, reliable repair service, and competitive pricing. Our roofers are also here for you after the job is completed to answer any questions you have. When you need a roofer with integrity, turn to Divine Roofing, Inc.

What to Avoid when Choosing a Roofing Company

While you may feel like you know what to look for in a roofing company, it can also be helpful to know what to not to look for. In other words, what should you avoid when researching a roofing company? Below we review some of the red flags to look out for when researching a roofing company.

They Are Not Based in Colorado Springs

Unfortunately, we see many out-of-town roofers trying to come into the Colorado Springs area and take advantage of homeowners dealing with hail damage. These roofers are referred to as "storm chasers." The problem with roofers from out-of-the-area or out-of-state is that they do not understand the local community or its needs.

Furthermore, after the work is done, they disappear. If you have issues with their work, they are nowhere to be found. Instead, you want a roofer that has a history in the local community and is accountable for their work.

They Offer Deals that Are Just Too Good

You should also be wary of deals that just seem too good to be true. Often these unbelievable deals are just a sales pitch to lure in customers, and once the work is started, you are surprised by hidden costs and fees. Another issue is that if a company can offer these incredibly low deals, there is a good chance that they are not working with the best materials on the market.

They Aren't Up Front about Licensing & Insurance

When hiring a roofer, it is incredibly important that you verify that the company is licensed and insured. You also want to check their certifications. Any reputable roofing company will be upfront about their licensing, insurance, and certifications. If you ask for these credentials and the company isn't willing to provide them, you should not work with them.

They Won't Provide References

A big red flag is when a roofing company won't provide you with references or examples of their work. A roofer that is reputable and proud of their work will provide you with references and examples of the work they have completed in the area. Similarly, if you cannot find legitimate, local customer reviews for the roofing company, you should stay away.

By comparison, our company has completed over 5,000 jobs (commercial and residential) in the Colorado Springs area, and we are always happy to provide our customers with references and reviews. We also have an easily accessible photo gallery of our work.

At Divine Roofing, Inc., we are:

We understand how challenging it can be to choose a roofing company to handle your roofing project. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with our service, and we treat every job with care and attention to detail, big or small. We are proud of the lasting relationships we have developed with our customers, and we are prepared to help you too. To learn more about our services, reach out to one of our local roofers today.

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