How Old is Your Roof?

Know When to Watch Out for Age-Related Roofing Issues

When you have questions about the state of your roof, every source you consult will likely ask you, at some point, the same question – how old is your roof? Different types of roofs have different lifespans and are vulnerable to different damages as they age, but most roofers recommend that you think about a replacement every 20 years or so. This can help you avoid leaks, cracks, lost shingles, and other issues that an older roof has less defenses against.

How to Find Out the Age of Your Roof

If your roof was already installed when you moved in, how do you find out how old it is now? Unfortunately, there are no big physical indicators you can look for that will give you a clear answer. There are, however, steps you can take to find out what year your roof was installed in.

Ask Around

If you can, you can always try asking the previous owners when the roof was installed. Even if they don’t remember exactly when the last replacement happened, they may still be able to give you a general time frame, within a year or two, that can help you make a more informed decision about your roof. Plus, they may have access to receipts and documentation that indicate exactly when the roof was installed.

Check the Paperwork

Roofing receipts, building permits, and other documentation will let you know exactly when your roof was last replaced. If you didn’t keep your receipts, the roofing company will likely still have them on file and will be happy to pull up their records for you. Accessing building permits is also a simple task – they’re public record and can be accessed through your local government.

Get in Touch with the Professionals

If you don’t feel like looking through paperwork or calling up the previous owners, you can always just ask your local roofers to help you find the answer. While there are no obvious age indicators that amateur roofers can detect, a trained professional can inspect and assess your roof and gain a general understanding of how old it is. Plus, we can check for any hidden damages or degradation at the same time, and help you decide if a roof replacement is the best option for you.

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