What to Do About Noisy Gutters and Downspouts

Why Are Your Gutters Making Noise?

Gutters and downspouts are supposed to conveniently funnel rainwater and moisture away from your roof, but when that process makes too much noise, having gutters can feel everything but convenient. A lot of things can cause noisy gutters, and they can bring with them a lot more than rattling downspouts. The same issues that make your roof drainage system noisy can cause mold growth, attract pests, and cause other problems.

Common Causes of Loud Getters and Downspouts Include:

  • Loose screws or fastenings
  • Clogs
  • Out-of-alignment downspouts
  • Damaged brackets

What You Can Do About It

The good news is, that no matter how loud your gutters and downspouts get, there’s usually an easy do-it-yourself solution. We asked our roof and gutter experts to assemble a list of utter maintenance tasks that reduce noise and increase durability. With just a few simple steps, you can have quiet, functional gutters protecting your roof once again.

Keep Things Clean

Let’s face it – no one likes cleaning dead leaves and sludge out of their gutters. But that material can quickly accumulate and create clogs or blockages within your downspout. When water tries to bypass those cogs, it can make some pretty loud noises. Cleaning your gutters regularly can prevent this and keep your drainage system working quietly.

Make Adjustments

If rattling sounds persist, you may be dealing with structural issues. Make sure that all of your fastenings and brackets are tightened and secured so that they can’t move around and make noise. Additionally, you can move the end of your downspout further away from your home, creating a more gradual angle for water to travel down. If loud noises persist, you can replace the “elbow” of your metal downspout wit PVC, which makes less noise when water hits it. Find more details on DIY downspout adjustments in our blog post "How to Fix a Noisy Downspout."

Muffle the Sounds

Insulating your downspout will minimize the impact of droplets and dampen the sounds of traveling water. A professional gutter service company can help you with this process, which is relatively quick and easy. Alternatively, if water makes more noise as it leaves your downspout, placing a sponge or a piece of artificial grass underneath it can further muffle sounds.

Try the Rope Trick

“The rope trick” is highly recommended by gutter experts everywhere and is a simple and effective way to reduce gutter and downspout sounds. Attach a nylon rope to the top of your downspout and let it run all the way down inside the piping. This will give water something to cling to instead of bouncing along your downspout, allowing it to travel silently. If you don’t have a nylon rope, a thin chain or durable nylon string are acceptable alternatives.

Get the Professional Help You Need

If your gutters and downspouts are regularly making too much noise, you may have a serious issue developing. Parts of your drainage system may need to be replaced due to rust, corrosion, age-related degradation, or other factors. If loud sounds persist after you’ve tried the tricks listed above, call a professional gutter expert to get your drainage inspected and evaluated.

Divine Roofing, Inc. can help you repair or replace persistently noisy getters and downspouts. Call (719) 497-1005 to schedule your appointment today!

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