What Are the Best Type of Shingles?

There are many kinds of shingles out there, and no one size fits all. Figuring out what type of shingles is best for your house depends on a lot of things, from the climate of where you live to your style preferences to the overall design of your home. Keep reading to learn more about what the best shingles for your home may be, and make sure to contact our Colorado Springs roofers at Divine Roofing, Inc. for all your shingle and roofing needs.

The 8 Best Types of Shingles:

  1. 3-Tab Shingles: More often than not, when you hear people talk about asphalt shingles, they are talking about 3-tab roof shingles. These rectangular shingles are among the most popular options out there, and are great for homeowners looking for something that’s affordable and easy to install. They also come in many different colors, so you can customize somewhat in terms of style, and higher grade options can last as long as 40 years.
  2. Architectural Shingles: Another type of asphalt shingle, architectural roof shingles are also sometimes known as laminated or dimensional shingles. Many homeowners prefer architectural shingles because look great, last a long time, and are resistant to high winds. On top of all this, architectural singles can be fitted in designs beyond the typical square shape.
  3. Tile Shingles: Tile shingles are typically made out of terracotta clay. This style has been popular for hundreds of years around the world, and can still be seen in places like California, where tile shingles were a key part of mission architecture. Today, they are widely used in the Southwest, and are often chosen because they are a more energy-efficient option than asphalt, in addition to being fire-proof and low-maintenance. Although the traditional, Spanish style of tile shingles was wave-shaped, they can now be customized for different looks based on your preferences.
  4. Wood Shingles: Wood shingles are good for keeping your home well-insulated, and offer you a great deal of customization options in relation to style, color, and material.
  5. Shake Shingles: Although commonly confused with traditional wood shingles, wood shake shingles split wood along the grain to give your roof a textured look. They are a good option for homeowners looking for a more rustic aesthetic, and thanks to developments in composite roofing, they can now be combined with other materials to last longer, hold more color, and even be made wind and fire resistant.
  6. Slate Shingles: Slate shingles are beautiful and durable, which is probably why they have been popular for years on the east coast, where the stone they are made out of comes from. They are a perfect option for giving your roof a natural look, and are available in varying colors and textures. Slate shingles are also environmentally friendly, resistant to erosion, water, algae, and storm damage—meaning your roof could end up standing for hundreds of years!
  7. Solar Shingles: While you have probably heard of solar panels before, solar shingles may be a new option to you. However, due to recent advancements in technology, fully redesigned and-energy efficient solar shingles are now available to homeowners everywhere. These shingles can stand up to high-speed winds and even hail, and can also be made to match other styles of roofing, if you want to go for more of a classic look.
  8. Metal Shingles: Metal shingles have become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners thanks to their durability. Usually made from coated steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, or a combination of zinc alloys, the most popular style of metal roofing is called standing seam roofing, in which ridged or flat shingles are laid up and down your roof. Metal shingles are weather-resistant, energy-efficient, low-maintenance, easy to install, and now come in many different looks as well, in case you would prefer them to have the feel of tile or wood shingles.

At Divine Roofing, Inc., We Know Shingles

When it comes to residential roofing, Divine Roofing, Inc. has everything you need. We provide options to suit every home, and free initial estimates, so you can be 100% sure before you commit to a type of shingle. Call today, and prepare to receive service that’s positively divine!

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