Start Your New Year with a New Roof!

The new year is upon us and it’s officially 2019! Divine Roofing, Inc. knows that as 2018 comes to an end, many people use the flipping of the calendar opportunity to reflect on their year and figure out what they would like to change over the next 12 months. For some people, they choose to change their lifestyle and focus on getting healthier. For some people, they change how they want to approach their work and make strides to advance their career.

However, why not use this opportunity to pledge to take better care of your home? For most people, your house is your biggest and most important investment that you’ll ever make. It protects you from the harshness of the elements, gives you a place to spend your life in comfort, and is an asset which contains a massive chunk of wealth, including much of what you ever accumulate. Taking better care of your home can help preserve and even increase this wealth, as well as make your home more comfortable, more efficient, and easier to live in.

Why Replace Your Roof?

Many people put off big projects for as long as they can. Whether it’s a work task that you simply don’t want to deal with or making that big repair on your home that you know is going to need done soon, waiting as long as possible is a part of life for most people. But when it comes to your roof, the longer you wait, the worse it might be. One or two small leaks may not seem like a big deal, but letting them sit unrepaired can only cause the damage to become worse. Mold and mildew can grow, wood rot can occur, drywall sheetrock can sag, flooring can become ruined, and so much more, all from a few small leaks in your roof that you may not have thought were all that serious.

This is why living with an aging roof over your head can be such a risk—the longer you wait, the bigger and more expensive fixing it will be, and the more you’ll have to repair or replace in your home until you do. The sooner you invest in replacing your aging roof, the sooner you can go back to living in your home in comfort and with the knowledge that you’re protected for the next several decades.

New Year, New Roof

Replacing your roof isn’t a project you have to put off for several months when you resolve to do it either. Believe it or not, winter is a great time to invest in a new roof. Availability is usually extraordinarily high, and that means there’s a strong chance we can get started on your project right away, provided we have your chosen material in stock.

If you need your roof replaced, let us take care of it for you early in the year! Call the Colorado Springs roofers at Lyons Roofing by dialing (719) 497-1005 and request a consultation today.
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