The Difference Between Proactive & Reactive Maintenance

When it comes to the roof over your home or business, maintenance is extremely important. Maintenance can help preserve the life of your roof, helping it last for many additional years before needing replacement. Likewise, it can also reduce the amount of serious problems you face, including preventing the need for major and expensive repairs over the lifespan of your roof. All in all, it’s within your best interests to maintain your roof to the best of your ability.

However, there are two different kinds of maintenance: proactive and reactive. And when it comes to maintaining your roof, proactive maintenance can do wonders for keeping your roof in good condition, protecting your property, and keeping repair costs down as well as prolonging your roof’s lifespan. On this blog, we’ll discuss the difference between these types of maintenance and discuss why proactively maintaining your roof is the much more desirable option.

Defining Proactive & Reactive Maintenance

First, let’s understand what “proactive” and “reactive” maintenance means. Proactive maintenance is regular, preventative maintenance work like periodic inspections and scheduled repairs that preserve your roof’s condition and resolve minor issues as they arise. This way, should the weather turn sour and rain start pouring or a storm with high winds comes sweeping through the area, your roof is in the best shape to handle it.

Conversely, reactive maintenance involves unscheduled work, such as repairs and inspections that are found to be necessary when you discover something is wrong with your roof. For example, having a roofer come to your home to fix a leak in your roof when you inconveniently discover it during a sudden heavy rainstorm.

Why Proactively Maintain Your Roof?

Just because your roof seems like it’s in good condition doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. When the sun is shining, it’s easy to think your roof is secure leak free. If you want to keep it that way, a proactive maintenance program from a skilled Colorado Springs roofer can do so.

However, far too many people discover this isn’t the case at the first sign of rainfall. Suddenly, leaks that they didn’t know had developed over the summer months can emerge and start dropping water into your home or business, damaging your property, ruining your floors or drywall, and much more. A leaky roof can have devastating consequences for nearly anyone. And unfortunately, by the time you discover you’ve got a problem with your roof, the maintenance then becomes reactive, and you’re scrambling to fix the issue that arose.

Warranty Maintenance

When you install a new roof, odds are you’re probably a pretty big fan of the warranty that came with it. Having your roof installed by a licensed roofer or brand-certified contractor can provide you with ten years or more of protection against defects in materials and workmanship that lead to problems with your roof. However, if you have a “no dollar limit” warranty, odds are regular maintenance is a requirement in order for it to remain valid.

If you want to keep your warranty valid and stay protected, an annual proactive maintenance service from a roofing professional is a must. And there’s benefits for you as well: not only will you still be protected, but the maintenance service will help your roof stay protected against the elements and in the best possible condition. That means you won’t have to worry about any surprise problems when the elements turn against you, leaving you with invaluable peace of mind.

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