Will Solar Panels Damage My Roof?

Solar power is a great way to run your home off clean, renewable energy that helps both the environment and your wallet. However, if you’re considering installing panels, you may or may not have concerns about the damage that installing them may cause to your roof. This isn’t abnormal or unfounded in any way: attaching panels to your roof will likely mean having to install anchors and mounting brackets, and that does mean your installers will be drilling into your roof. However, will this process jeopardize your roof’s integrity and leave you prone to leaks? On this blog, we’ll take a look at whether or not this is the case.

Rest Assured

First, let’s get the burning question out of the way: will solar panels damage your roof? The answer is no, so long as the company who installs your panels does so properly. Any reputable and experienced solar company has a trained team of installers who know how to correctly outfit your roof with panels to the point where the panels themselves are secure and no holes or leaks are left in your roof to cause damage to your home. A reputable company will take this extremely seriously.

That being said, be extremely weary of the lowest solar price quote you receive, especially if it’s far below that of any of their competitors—they may not exactly have the experience, skill, or ability to install your solar panels properly, and that means they could put a ton of holes in your roof and then fail to seal them up properly. We’ve seen how much damage can happen when solar panels aren’t installed right, and it can be devastating. Use common sense and a good rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Preventing Leaks & Other Damage

Solar installation companies are not always perfect when it comes to installations. While the majority of the time you should be able to enjoy your new panels without any risk to your roof (even if it is slightly on the older side), there are times where mistakes can be made. However, you can limit the chances for damage to your roof by simply following these preemptive steps.

Ask the Right Questions
Before you decide on a solar company, ask them questions about their installation process. Do the installers perform an inspection of your roof before starting to make sure it can withstand the added load of solar panels? Does the mounting hardware used to install your panels make a good seal over your roof? Do your installers minimize the amount of walking or contact they actually make with your roof to limit the amount of additional damage they might do? Any reputable company should be able to answer these questions before your installers arrive, and you should probably be a little hesitant to sign up with a company that can’t or won’t.

Get a Roof Inspection
Once your solar panel installation is complete, you may wish to have a qualified Colorado Springs roofer come to your home and inspect their handiwork. A skilled and experienced inspector will be able to discover any mistakes your installers may have made so you can have them come out and fix the issue as soon as possible.

Want to make sure your solar installation doesn’t do any major damage to your roof? Call Divine Roofing, Inc. today at (719) 497-1005 to request an inspection appointment.

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