When Is the Best Time for a Roof Inspection?

One of the keys to preserving your roof and getting the longest serviceable life out of it is to have it regularly inspected by a professional who can then fix minor issues before they become major problems. However, there’s also a matter of when you have your inspection done as well. Having your roof inspected at the ideal time can help you ensure it’s prepared and equipped for the months ahead and you are well aware of any potentially developing issues before they turn into a serious problem when you least want them to.

On this blog, we’ll explain when the ideal time to schedule a roof inspection is and why that particular time is so important.

The Impact of the Seasons

If you ask the average homeowner what season is the hardest on their roof, the average person will probably say “winter.” Why? Heavy rains, snowfall, ice (and ice dams), plus the freezing cold nights can all add a lot of stress to your roof’s materials. And there’s the little matter of lots of water exposure—water which can rot away at your roof’s structure if left unattended. So homeowners aren’t necessarily wrong when they say this, but they often don’t think about the opposite side of the spectrum.

Summer may not be well-known for heavy rainfall, but it is known for long hours of daylight, sweltering heat, and high amounts of ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is downright brutal on anything that gets left in the sun day after day, and your roof is no exception. Have you ever noticed how a plastic plant pot becomes crusty, brittle, and falls apart with even the slightest touch after roughly a year outdoors? This is the effect of UV radiation. Your roof is impacted in the same way, only it’s constructed using materials that are less prone to damage.

However, summer is also known for temperature fluctuations, including warming up to the heat of the day and then cooling again when the sun goes down. This is completely normal, but over time the continual expansion and contraction combined with UV radiation causing the materials to wear out and become brittle can cause all sorts of problems. Tiles can crack, panels can become misaligned, and shingles can warp and curl over time, and usually this becomes fairly apparent towards the end of summer when months of heat and sun exposure have really taken their toll.

However, you may not realize that this kind of damage has been done to your roof. In fact, many of these developing problems are so small, you probably can’t even spot them without a thorough inspection. However, you’ll spot them quite quickly at the first sign of rain, as the cracks and shifting have created leaks which water flows through, causing the inside of your roof to become wet and warped, mold colonies to grow, and much more.

So as summer causes the damage and then winter accentuates it and turns the problems into serious issues like leaks, it can be said that both of these extremes are hard on your roof.

When to Inspect Your Roof

When it comes to the care of your roof, timing is an extremely important factor. For example, if you discover a serious roof leak, it’s important that you get the repair done as quickly as possible to prevent the problem from spreading and eventually becoming an even bigger issue. The same can be said for your roofing inspections—not only do you want to make sure you catch as much damage as possible, but you want to make sure you’re ready for the months ahead of you.

For this reason, it’s best that you have your roof inspected during the fall months, usually between the end of September and start of November. This way a professional can help you spot any potential signs of damage before the first big rainfall of the season can turn it into potentially devastating leaks. If anything does need attention, professional Colorado Springs roofers can usually offer you an estimate for the repairs on-site so you can get the services you need quickly and make sure your home is fully-protected and capable of withstanding the soon-to-follow onslaught of wet winter weather.

Now’s a great time to schedule your roof inspection appointment! Call Divine Roofing, Inc. at (719) 497-1005 to request yours or arrange for repairs for your roofing issues!
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