Why Should You Have a Roof Maintenance Plan?

You depend on the roof over your head to protect that is most valuable to you. Whether you’re a homeowner or have a business, you trust your roof to keep you dry, keep your property free from water damage, and allow you to live in comfort regardless of the elements outside. In order to do this, your roof needs to be in good working condition, and over time, this condition will deteriorate. As your roof ages, problems will develop, and small problems can rapidly grow into large ones if they’re not caught and repaired quickly.

How can you catch one of these problems and prevent it from getting out of hand? A maintenance plan from a Colorado Springs roofer is one of the best solutions for detection and repair. A maintenance service includes a full inspection of both the inside and outside of your roof, where your technician will spot any potential trouble signs and even perform minor repair work to prevent it from getting any worse. There are a number of benefits to having an experienced roofer perform these repairs before the weather starts revealing these problems to you; here are four of them.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

The heat of summer causes a lot of damage to roofs due to the amount of material expansion and contraction with the constantly-fluctuating temperatures and long hours of sunlight exposure. This means your roofing materials could have developed cracks or weaknesses which you may not have known about, until the next big rainfall when you suddenly have a huge leak causing damage to your property. Repairing these major problems can be a lot of work, which means it’ll be a pretty big expense, and even then it’s really only a stop-gap for the time being because you’ll probably need to replace your roof soon.

A roofing inspection could have helped detect these issues early on, including spotting worn out tiles or shingles, cracks in your roof’s surface, or sunlight pouring into your attic. By fixing these issues early, you can avoid having to pay for these expensive temporary repairs and instead get the most out of your roof before replacing it.

Avoid Emergencies

The first rainfall of the season is here, and you’re unaware of a fairly large crack that’s developed in the seal around one of your attic vents. What you don’t realize is the amount of water that’s now pouring into your attic, damaging your property you store up there and the wood that creates its structure. What’s worse is the water then seeps through that wood and gets into a part of your electrical system, causing a short and blowing every circuit breaker in your house. Suddenly, you’re stuck in a downpour with an attic that’s sustaining serious damage and no electricity.

Sounds like quite the emergency, right? An inspection checks the spots in your roof that are more vulnerable to leaks, such as valleys, eaves, and the flashing around your rooftop vents to find out if they’re still in good working condition and free from defects. Had an inspector checked your flashing and found it to be old, worn out, and cracked, they could have advised you to replace it, which could have prevented this serious and expensive emergency situation. Not only will the flashing need replaced, but the attic will need substantial repairs because of the extra damage to its wood structure.

Protect Your Property Value

The roof over your head makes up a substantial chunk of your property value. A new roof that’s durable, well-maintained, and has many years of life ahead of it has a lot more value than one which is old, leaky, and will probably need to be replaced by any potential buyers. In fact, a roof that’s in really sorry shape is a deterrent to most buyers.

If you plan on selling your home or commercial property anytime soon (or even in the distant future), a maintenance plan is one of the best ways to preserve its value for as long as possible. That way when you do go to sell the property, even if the roof is older, it will be in good condition and not be a sticking point that prevents you from closing your sale.

Save Money

Let’s face it: roof repairs are a big expense, and roof replacements are an even bigger one. Nobody likes to drain their hard-earned money into fixing things in their home, so why not take a few extra steps to ensure your home is cared for? Proper maintenance, regular inspections, and minor repairs when necessary can actually preserve the life of your roof for many additional years, which helps you avoid this expense and receive far more value for your investment.

Properly maintaining your roof can also help you save money in other areas of your home as well: a well-ventilated attic is important for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, which saves you money on your electric bills. If you’re looking to make your home more energy-efficient, you’d be surprised just how much of an impact taking care of your roof can have, and a maintenance service can provide a lot of help in that regard.

To schedule a maintenance service or learn more about the great plans we offer, contact Divine Roofing, Inc. today by dialing (719) 497-1005 to schedule an appointment or receive an estimate!
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