Divine Roofing, Inc. Offers Free Roof Giveaway for Thanksgiving

Divine Roofing, Inc. is thrilled to announce their 2nd annual Thanksgiving Free Roof Give-Away! Last year's contest was such a blessing to their entire company, they’ve decided to make it an annual event. Divine Roofing, Inc. loves the Colorado Springs community, and they love being able to give something back in appreciation for all their business.

If you or someone you know needs a roof, but simply don't have the financial means to get it professionally done, this may be just the break you've been hoping for. Their compassionate, determined, and friendly professionals want to bless the right candidate with a brand-new roof before winter sets in.

There are just a few simple rules for the contest, including the following:

  • Recipient must be experiencing some sort of financial hardship (perhaps denied insurance coverage or some other tragedy which has prevented them from getting their roof completed).
  • Contest allows for up to 20 squares without any unusual circumstances (i.e., decking replacement, unusually steep, limited access, multiple layers, etc.). Value of roof replacement not to exceed $6,000.00.
  • Written entries explaining your circumstances and why you feel like you'd be eligible for a free roof must be received at our office located at 216 Auburn Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 prior to noon on Wednesday, November 22nd. They may also be submitted via email to: info@DivineRoofingInc.com.
  • Winner will be selected via a Divine Team Vote after their team reads the entries during their company luncheon on Wednesday, November 22nd @ 1:00PM. The winner will be announced on the Divine Roofing, Inc. Facebook page.
  • Roof replacement to be completed no later than 3 weeks after announcing the winner, assuming the weather cooperates, and the materials/color selected are available.

Their team of experts has already received a few entry letters, touching their hearts, and building up their excitement for Thanksgiving. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Divine Roofing, Inc. to learn more about their company culture, history, experience, skill, and more by calling (719) 497-1005