Why Do Some New Roofs Fail?

nailing shingles to roof

With the right contractor, homeowners expect a new roof to last several years. A roof that is installed properly takes time and is a serious investment. But if a contractor takes shortcuts, a new roof could fail.

The following are the common reasons why a new roof could fail:

  • Inadequate installation. Despite installing the best shingle on the market, if it’s not installed correctly, the roof is compromised. You need the professional assistance of an experienced contractor who understands all aspects of a certain manufacturer’s product, such as deck protection, ventilation, and leak barriers.
  • Poor ventilation. An attic ventilations system that is properly balanced helps keep your roof in optimal health. Inadequate ventilation can result in substantial heat damage and moisture buildup in the attic during the summer months. In the winter, poor ventilation can contribute to the formation of ice dams. Ensure that your contractor inspects the attic space and addresses ventilation.
  • Ignores using some materials. If you elect to purchase the cheapest roof, it can lead to the contractor skimping on items, including leak barriers, edge metal, and sealants. Always ask the contractor what materials they plan on using.
  • Taking shortcuts on flashing. There are contractors who believe chimney flashings are meant for design as opposed to function, so they cut corners and use caulk instead. Unfortunately, caulk deteriorates over time and can cause water to penetrate the flashing and into your home.

With the experience of over a thousand roof repair as well as replacement projects, our Colorado Springs roofers at Divine Roofing, Inc. will not cut corners and ensure that your new roofing system lasts a long time. We will conduct a thorough inspection and determine whether your roof can be repaired or needs to be completely replaced.

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