When is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof?

At Divine Roofing, we know a roof replacement is a tremendous expense, so odds are you’ll look to find ways to save money on it as much as possible. Are you asking yourself, "when should I get a new roof?" Well, did you know one of the best ways to save money is to schedule it at the right time? Every year, roofers are their busiest during the weeks that signal the end of summer and the start of autumn (think August through early September). Most people think this is the best time to get a roof replacement because their old roof has sustained the summer damage and the new roof will come in just in time to withstand the brunt of winter.

However, replacing your roof during this season usually costs a lot more and takes substantially longer. Because it’s during “peak season,” quality and reputable roofing crews are usually slammed with requests. When you consider each job can take several days to complete, you might wind up being stuck trying to find an appointment waiting for several weeks, by which point it could be well into autumn months. That being said, you might be surprised to learn this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Peak Season vs. Offseason

Roofing companies aren’t only in business for a few months out of the year—we’re here year-round. However, it’s no secret that most roofing companies are significantly slower during months where most people think roofing services aren’t really possible, such as during winter. The truth is, as long as the weather is good and dry for at least a few days, it’s perfectly possible to repair or replace your roof during any season of the year.

Winter Is the Best Time for Roof Replacement

One of the biggest advantages in choosing to have your roof replaced during the winter months is that you’ll have virtually wide-open availability. Those who choose to have their roof replaced during winter can sometimes even have their replacement started the day after signing their contract, allowing it to be completed in as little time as possible. Likewise, since winter is well outside of peak season, odds are you probably won’t pay as much as you would during the busiest weeks of the year. Finally, roofing companies don’t change their warranty based on the temperature when the roof was installed: so long as the procedure was followed right (which any reputable Colorado Springs roofer will do), then you’ll receive the same guarantees and protections as you would if your roof was installed during the middle of peak summer roofing season.

If you need to get rid of the aging, problem-filled roof over your head, don’t hesitate to call Divine Roofing, Inc. at (719) 497-1005 and find out more about replacing your roof this winter season!
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