Roofing and Home Improvement: 4 Common Questions

Age and extreme weather can be extremely harsh on your roof, resulting in a number of issues that can compromise your home’s look and feel. Investing in excellent home improvement projects, including roof replacement can help you deal with this—but it will involve careful preparation.

A roof replacement, for instance, takes considerable time and money. If you want to make the most of this project, be sure to consider all the factors that are involved with it. Let your premier roofing contractor in Denver, CO, Divine Roofing, help you with these handy Q&A. Here are four of the most common things that homeowners ask about this project:

1. How Do I Know That I Need a Roof Replacement?

While there are many indications of a failing roof, age is one of the more obvious signs. If your roofing shingles have already exceeded the standard 20-year life span, now is the best time to replace it. Other telltale signs include curled, buckled, or missing shingles, loose or torn flashing, and shingle granule buildup inside your gutters. You may also notice recurring roof leaks that encompass various rooms inside your home.

2. Should I Invest in Roof Replacement When My Roof is Leaking?

Replacing your roof over simple roof leaks isn’t necessary. While they can be annoyances, roof leaks will only require a simple patch job. Of course, you’ll need a reliable roofing company in Denver, Colorado, like Divine Roofing to ensure that the repairs run smoothly and efficiently. Our expert crew has all the know-how for identifying the source of leaks and performing the necessary repairs to deal with them.

3. Should I Pick Asphalt or Metal for Roofing Material?

Both materials are excellent choices that offer many rewarding features. Our GAF shingles, for instance, come in a wide selection of colors, textures, and thicknesses that can easily match your home’s style and existing décor. Some can even emulate the look of more premium materials like slate and wood shakes, while other choices are specially designed to resist impact damage or increase energy efficiency.

When you choose metal for your roofing in Denver, CO, you’ll benefit from superior durability and weather resistance. Metal roofs are also “cool roofs”, as they’re able to reflect the radiant heat from the sun to keep your interiors cool and comfortable without the high energy bills.

4. How Long Will it Take to Replace My Roof?

Divine Roofing is the GAF Master Elite™ roofing contractor you can count on for quality roof replacement. We can usually complete this project in a single day. If it exceeds that, we’ll clean and secure the site at the end of the workday and protect any vulnerable areas from the weather. At the end of the job, we’ll conduct a thorough walkthrough and cleanup.

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