Divine Roofing Has Been Here For You, And Still Is.

Most of us remember the excitement we felt, that uneasiness, as the day turned into a brownish red fog and the wind changed directions. That eerie smell of burning trees, and the reserved anxiousness as we waited in line in our cars trying to head east. I remember I was living in the Pinecliff area at the time. There were firetrucks everywhere, and those brave emergency responders: police, fire, medical, rescue, military personnel and volunteers…

Suddenly, another instance, this time on the east side. Black Forrest. We all had it cross our minds, but we never really thought it would happen. A fire in the beautiful heart of the forest. Once again, El Paso County residents were forced to leave due to fire. And once again, our brave emergency responders showed their truest colors.

May 21st, 2014 a major hail storm crossed El Paso County causing serious roof damage to thousands of homes, and most aren’t even aware of the damage. The tricky part with hail damage is it doesn’t always manifest immediately and there is a time frame that damage must be reported in. You wouldn’t want to pay out of pocket for something covered by insurance would you?

We all saw the swarm of roofing contractors come out of the woodwork. Most from out of state. They began knocking on doors and selling roofs. Some folks got a quick, decent roof built, and some got ripped off and their roof ended up costing them three or more times what they needed to pay. Not because the price was high, but because the cost to correct it was even more.

Colorado Springs has had some events in the past several years, and Divine Roofing Inc. has been there for you… and we want you to know we’re still here for you.

If you’ve got hail damage in Colorado Springs, trust a company who has been there for you – not one who shows up simply because you have money.

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