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Commercial Roof Replacement

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When it comes to protecting your business, maintaining the building is extremely important. A damaged or faulty roof could result in decreased productivity and loss of business, especially if your roof requires a complete replacement. Whether your commercial roof is breaking down due to old age or serious weather damage, our trained professionals can help return your building to its former glory. If you need a commercial roof replacement, act fast to preserve your business and protect your investment.

At Divine Roofing, Inc., our roofing contractors in Colorado Springs have more than 12 years of experience, and we have been trusted by more than 4,000 customers throughout the Colorado Springs area. We are dedicated to our customers and we strive to perform outstanding work on every commercial and residential property we visit. Our team provides a variety of roofing options, and we offer affordable payment plans and 0% financing options.

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Potential Reasons for Roof Replacement

Roofs aren’t built to last forever, especially after they’ve sustained serious damage. Sometimes roofs require replacement after years of everyday wear and tear, but sometimes structural damage to your commercial property might lead to serious roof issues.

Common reasons for roof replacement include:

  • The roof is more than 25 years old
  • Lack of proper maintenance and repair
  • Missing shingles or chimney flashing
  • Noticeable soft or weak spots
  • The roof has mold growth
  • Major leaks

Also, if your roof has suffered serious damage due to some severe impact or weather damage, you should have your roof inspected, as it may need to be replaced. Fallen powerlines, branches, or trees can sometimes cause significant damage to the roof and other building structures.

Commercial Roofing Options

Our roofers are qualified to work with a variety of different roofing materials and styles. Depending on your building, current roof, and your own preferences, we can help you find the perfect roof for your commercial property.

Our roofing options include:

  • Built-up roofing
  • Modified bitumen roofing
  • EPDM single-ply membrane
  • PVC single-ply membrane
  • TPO single-ply membrane
  • Metal roofing

We can work with you to determine which roofing system will work best for your commercial property. Depending on your company’s needs, budget, and preferences, we can steer you towards the best roof for your particular circumstances.

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Divine Customer Service Benefits

  • The Best Solutions at the Most Affordable Prices

    Your home is an investment, so we make sure the industry’s best roofing solutions can be afforded by all! We proudly offer a range of flexible payment plans, including 0% Financing and zero money down.

  • GAF Factory-Certified Master Elite® Roofing Contractors

    Just under 3% of all roofers are GAF Master Elite® contractors. We push the envelope and have obtained the highest industry certification, which means all projects are completed according to the highest standards!

  • No Messes, No Surprises – Only Professionalism

    We’ve heard the story too many times in the past: contractors can be unreliable and inconsiderate. We utilize cutting-edge mobile trash containment systems that disposes of roof debris to keep your property clean.

  • Ready to Serve – No Matter the Weather

    We use the most innovative weather reporting technologies: the same that NASA uses! Precise weather forecasting means we can keep you updated for any incoming storms and inspect your roof after a storm hits.

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