4 Things Your Roof Hates

A solid roof is key to a comfortable and dry home, but many homeowners are unaware of how they can help maintain their roof. Often it’s what you don’t do that makes the biggest difference in making your roof last for years to come. Avoiding the following mistakes will keep your roof happy, and your home in good shape.

1. Letting Mold and Mildew Build Up

Your roof is exposed to a lot of elements, including rain, snow, sleet, and humidity. Each of these can cause damage to your roof and allow mold and mildew to grow. These may not only look unpleasant, but can weaken the integrity of your roof. To help prevent future growth, it is recommended that you contact a professional roofer who offers cleaning services to help you maintain your roof.

2. Pressure Washing Your Roof

Water can erode the asphalt on your shingles and cause premature aging of your roof. Pressure washers are no exception. Using harsh chemicals and high-pressure water to wash your roof can lead to expensive repairs and shorten the life of your roof. A professional roofer can help you clean your roof and look it over for damage at the same time.

3. Walking on Your Roof

Walking on your roof obviously comes with the chance of a fall, but it can also damage your roof. It can dislodge shingles, damage them, or create gaps that may turn into a leak later. While it is recommended that you avoid walking on your roof, sometimes it is unavoidable. If you need to remove leaves or storm debris, remember to wear shoes with traction and sweep the debris off the roof as you move about. This can expose patches of moisture that may cause you to slip.

4. Patching a Leak Yourself

Leaks can because by damage to your roof, and may arise unexpectedly. It can be tempting to patch your roof yourself and save a call to a professional roofer, but there are several reasons not to. Because you are not a professional, you risk causing further damage an already damaged roof, or even causing an accident. There also may be a far greater underlying problem than just a simple patch job. An experienced roofer can troubleshoot the leak and diagnose how to fix it.

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