What Are Some Common Roofing Problems?

In order for residential roofing systems to last several years, even past their original lifespan, it is imperative to have your roof inspected and maintained every year, or after severe inclement weather. If you ignore this duty, then you run the risk of your roof being compromised by a number of issues.

The following are the most common roofing issues a homeowner can experience if they fail to take care of their roof:

  • Deteriorated shingles. One of the earliest signs of roofing shingle deterioration is the granules shedding. The granules which coat the shingle surface lose their bond naturally due to time and the elements. Another sign is cracking and the shedding of corner tips.
  • Clogged downspouts and gutters. When debris is mixed with water, sludge can form. When this sludge develops in gutters, it reduces their lifespan due to the overbearing weight and corrosion. If overflows happen, water can also penetrate the siding.
  • Deteriorated pipe boots. A vent pipe boot is a type of roof flashing, which is comprised of a metal or plastic base with a rubber, dome-looking boot that fits over a plastic vent pipe. The flashing often fails when the boot cracks or peels away from the pipe, which allows water to perpetrate the roof.
  • Rotten fascia. The fascia is a lower part of the roof, covering the eaves, while the rain gutters are located right below it. Debris that piles up above the gutter will contribute to a rotten fascia due to the area staying wet and rots. A fascia that leaks needs to be tended to immediately since it causes moisture to penetrate the eaves.

In Colorado, we experience a good deal of rainstorms, snowstorms, and hot summer days. This harsh weather results in roofs only last around 30 years while the same roof in California can last an additional decade or two more. It is best to use quality products with the longest lifetime warranty possible.

If you are interested in emergency roof repairs in Colorado, contact Divine Roofing, Inc. and request a free estimate with our Colorado Springs roofer.

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