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Divine Roofing & Restoration - A Division of Divine Roofing, Inc.

We are very happy to announce the addition of Colorado Springs restoration services to the list of services we provide. These new services will be provided under the name Divine Roofing & Restoration, a Division of Divine Roofing, Inc.

When disaster strikes it is important to call the right restoration company in Colorado Springs. Divine Roofing & Restoration is a highly trained team of professionals that will come into your home or business and quickly access the situation, make repairs and restore the structure and contents to their pre-event status. It'll be like it never happened.

Time is of the essence when you are trying to recover from a flood, fire or some other disaster. Mold, unnecessary damage and health concerns all require quick action by trained professionals to reduce the danger and protect the structure, its contents and the people who live and work there.

Divine Roofing & Restoration is a local family-owned and operated business serving Southern Colorado. We specialize in mold, water, smoke and fire restoration services for business and home owners in Colorado Springs and beyond.

  • Mold- Mold of any kind is highly adaptive and can stay dormant until the right conditions return. This makes mold remediation a challenge and requires professional remediation services to ensure the long-term safety of your family and employees. We contain any mold spores by sealing off the area and maintain negative pressure to avoid circulating the air beyond containment. We then use mold-killing solutions to clean all surfaces in where mold is present, visible or not.
  • Water Damage- Floods is caused by many things. Pipes freeze in the winter. Washing machine hoses fail when you least expect it. And sometimes roofs leak. We are water damage restoration experts and will quickly and completely remove any water damage from your home or business. Our rapid clean-up process removes any residual moisture before further and unnecessary damage occurs. Our time tested water damage restoration processes are based on research and practical experience.
  • Fire- Structural integrity is often compromised by the fire itself and then water used to put out the fire causes further damage to the structure and its contents. We quickly remove remaining water, completely dry the structure and repair any damage.
  • Smoke Damage- Smoke permeates everything and can be dangerous as well as unpleasant. We will come in and completely clean the structure including walls, ceilings, floors as well as all the contents of the home or business including soft surfaces like fabrics, upholstery and carpet.

In addition the the services outlined above, we also offer asbestos, lead, and meth lab cleanups, interior remodeling, additions, repairs, garages, concrete raising, concrete repairs, and decorative concrete installations,

Divine Roofing & Restoration is your one-stop shop for all your roofing and restorations needs.

Make the right call. Call us today and we will restore your property to better than pre- loss conditions! 719-465-1835